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Unlock Your Imagination

Discover PB Surrealism - the unique destination for surreal photography and mixed media art! Our stunning pieces will bring a touch of the surreal to your home.

Explore the Surreal

From bold colors to intricate designs, find the perfect artwork to decorate your space. We offer a diverse selection of art pieces to fit any wall.

Whether you’re looking for a photography print or mixed media piece, we have exactly what you need to bring a unique flavor to your home!

Capture the Moment

PB Surrealism offers the complete photography experience, with a variety of photoshoot services to choose from.  PB Surrealism promises a unique and fun experience.





From mixed media to surreal photography, our art pieces are sure to inspire. Explore  work and experience the vision of Phoebe Burns's work. Click on any of the art pieces to learn more information about them. 


Our expertly crafted pieces are made using a variety of mixed media, including paint, wood, glass and more. We will work with you to come up with a design that reflects your vision.  


Our FAQ section has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our art. We provide information on shipping and return policies, payment options, product specifications, and more. 

Come Visit Us!

A studio visit is an exciting opportunity to explore the creative process of the artist, Phoebe Burns. Located at Studio 115 in Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment, visitors have the chance to observe the creative process firsthand and experience the studio atmosphere. Open from 11am to 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays, visitors can drop in to observe the artist at work, and even get the chance to ask questions and discuss her creative process. 

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When you subscribe to the PB Surrealism newsletter, we will send out weekly emails on Tuesdays to keep you up to date with the latest news and events.  We look forward to having you join us on our journey

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New Artwork

Be the first to know when new artwork is released and you'll get exclusive insight into the creative process.

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Event Alerts

Get notified about all the exciting PB Surrealism events, exhibitions, and art fairs happening throughout the upcoming month. 

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Artist Journey

 Learn about Phoebe Burns's creative process, her inspirations and her journey as an artist. 

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Subscriber Only Sales

 Not only do subscribers get 15% off their first order, they also get special subscriber exclusive discounts. 

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Private  Streams

Watch Phoebe's creative process as she creates surreal photographs. 

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Early Access New Releases

Be the first to get early access to purchase new artwork and merch before the public. 


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